Memories build imaginations

Time Studio

If you remember something wrong, is the label “memory” still accurate? Or does that make it an imagination because it never truly happened?
In this particular exercise we were asked to blindfold ourselves and a beautiful piece by Yann Tierson known as “The best of Yann Tierson on piano” was played in the background. The idea was not just to scribble without seeing, but to activate the other senses and feel the music so as to successfully portray on paper , purely what your mind resonates.

“Memory drawing is a little like touch typing. If you try consciously to think of where the letters are you are likely to become confused, but if you rely on your sense of touch you can become very accurate.” 

Here’s what my masterpiece looks like!

The music had a lot of mystery which made me feel like I was trying to catch something by running after it, hence the train and me.
The second piece was calm and gave me a feel of drama and theater. Dance, plays, music.


Then next step required us to make a small frame of 3 cm x 2 cm and look through the frame for parts of the drawings that we’d like to extract from the picture and enlarge it to a size of 6 inch x 4 inch, associating with a memory from the past.
This taught us how simple lines can be turned into something so meaningful.
The forms that I came up with are given below.


Making memories out of these forms and drawing them was a task, but it was a fun one because it reminded me of a lot of things that I hadn’t focused on in a very long time. Such as, school memories, childhood, etc!

A bond that you can’t share with anyone, but your mother.
Burst of happiness with a simple touch of two lips.
“what if I fall?” Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” – Erin Hanson.
Life is simple. Are you happy? Yes? Keep stepping ahead. No? Change something.
Fragile but beautiful.

Even though this exercise made us look back into past events, its the past experiences that we were focusing on. According to me, memory is not an event but an experience , a feeling, an emotion


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