Pictures That Represent Time


time sem copy copy

Days last 24 hours. But they feel so small with us trying to make all our ends meet in the given span of time. While we carry out our duties, time whizzes by.
As if there ARE only 6 hours on the clock. Tick Tock.



Time is perceived in innumerable ways. Time is interpreted differently by different people. What might be a mere number of minutes to us could be life changing to someone else.
An hour for us, humans might be equal to 4.16 years for an insect that lives only for a day.



night sun.jpg

We humans have a reputation of wanting to control everything possible.
One such unconquerable phenomenon is time. Being fully aware of the uncertain nature of time, we go ahead and plan every aspect of every day. We strive to control the events of the future to an extent that it feels like we know everything of what is about to happen.
In this image, we can see the sun(which is supposed to be visible next morning) in the night sky.

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