Theoretically time is a unit for the measurement of events of the past, present or the future. Time is a pointer and a record-keeper of the duration of events, incidents etc.

Time is like a wave which flows in a particular direction marking the creation as well as the destruction of living and non living things. Like sound and light waves, time is in a continuous motion. But unlike the electron flow, the wave of time is physically non-existent.

Time is like a living organism without a physical body. The belief that time can be stopped, manipulated or controlled is redundant. The method of going back in time  through the means of memories result in the passing of time in the present.

Time is also a carrier. Like electronic carrier waves which carry photons , time carries living organisms through the various stages of life. Even after the destruction of the living being, time does not stop as it jumps to another living organism derived from the previous being. This is due to the laws of conservation of mass which states that ‘mass can neither be created nor destroyed. It can be converted from one form to another.’

So when the mass changes form, time clings on to it and repeats the same thing it did with the previous living organism.

I believe that time is a sentient being with conscience and a duty to make man seek it and run after it.

The inability to stop, manipulate or control time.
A supposed representation of time as a being despite it being free of mass or matter.
Time marks the creation of a living organism and then acts as a carrier taking it through the different stages of life until its destruction.

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