What is time

Time is one of the most important aspect of life. At every point in life we are working with the aid of time. When civilisation hit human beings, they started recording time in various ways. They noticed the direction of the sun and used shadows of people and objects to understand time. And with their knowledge and experience over time human race create the Sundial, the Astronomical clock and the very sophisticated digital clock that we today. But time is not just about hours, minutes and seconds. Nor is it about day and night, summer and winter. It’s also about the things its give us. The learnings and experiences.

Time is perceived by every individual in a different way. Just by simply just looking at the dust or the weathered look of a motorcycle we can say that it has been there for quite a lot of time. We might just remember a particular a year because of the tragedies that took place.

So time is not just about the sun’s directions and the change of seasons, but the wrinkles, blisters and happiness that it engraves on our memory.


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