An occurance at Owl Creek Bridge

The concept of time and mind is inseparable. In fact, time is said to be an illusion created by human mind , which means that it is not merely something that can be measured in one unit.
French philosopher Henri Bergson specifically used the term ‘psychological time’ to refer the time system of human mind. However, it is not a different kind of time, but simply a different way of perceiving time. Psychological time, because of its fluid and subjective nature, can be quite challenging to be translated into literary works.
However , the film “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”, by Ambrose Bierce is a perfect example of how psychological time is being translated into literary work. He explores the concept of psychological time through the ‘near-death’ experience of the protagonist, Peyton Farquhar, It is the story of Peyton Farquhar, who is a southern farmer about to be hanged for trying to destroy a union army bridge. The story itself centers on an alternate reality that Farquhar creates in his mind, while he’s really hanging, with no heartbeat, just activity in his brain. The idea is that Farquhar creates an escape in his mind, seconds before he is actually dead. This is a perfect example pf ‘cinematic time’. Those few seconds before he is actually dead, projects his entire escape which he imagined in his mind.

Despite Farquhar’s manipulation of time, however, he cannot escape reality. Whether he lives a few moments or days longer, death ultimately claims him. Attempting to curve time to his own particular will is to no end.
It depicts the thought of time. Time is fluid in the story. At the point when certain things are going on, time races along rapidly, and in others, time moves slowly. Looking at how a man handles the progression of time and how it is experienced relies on upon what the individual is experiencing.

Reality and illusion operate side by side in “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” until the end of the story, we aren’t mindful of any division between them—Farquhar’s deception/illusion is, for us as pursuers, reality.

P.S- (WARNING! ) The movie will take you by surprise. But it’s a MUST watch. 🙂


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