An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is a thrilling story written by Ambrose Bierce. It begins with soldiers preparing to execute a criminal. Neither his crime nor his name is disclosed. The man, while standing on the bridge, with his hands and legs tied imagines an escape from death. Events of the past flash his imagination, distorting time for him. This makes us question the importance of that memory, building up the suspense.

It demonstrates how power of imagination mutilates time so much so that the reality seems deceptive. Most of the movie shows a detailed description of how he flees for his life but little do we know that its all in his head until he wakes up from his imagination. This is a prime example of how time is twisted according to his desires through his imagination. The man desperately wants to live. He pictures himself in the water below him evading bullets and reaching the shore with a sigh of relief. A sense of hope eventually causes him to actually believe what is not happening. It follows by a scene where he meets his lover but before he could kiss her, he is actually executed. This marks a deeply devastating moment for him and us. The distortion of time using imagination aids in creating the climax, thus, making this movie a masterpiece.


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