An Occurrence At The Owl Creek Bridge.

“An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is a story that moves from the present to the imaginary time and then comes back to present. We can also call present time as military time and imaginary time as Farquhar’s time. Standing on the edge of the bridge Farquhar closes his eyes and the signal of his slipping into his own version of reality which is with his loved ones, Farquhar drifts into a timeless realm. When Farquhar imagines himself slipping into the water he drifts into a transitional space that is neither life nor death but is in a world with its own imaginations. In the brief time between the officer stepping off the plank and Farquhar’s actual death, time slows and alters to accommodate a comforting vision of Farquhar’s safe return to his family. Despite Farquhar’s manipulation of time, however, he cannot escape reality. Whether he lives a few moments or days longer, death ultimately claims him. One of the most remarkable aspects of “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is how time is subjective and it can slow down or just pass quickly according to a man convince.


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