An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Link to the short-film :

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge is a gripping french short-film based on the American short story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” (1891) by Ambrose Bierce. Directed by Robert Enrico, it narrates the event of the hanging of a bearded man ‘Peyton Farquhar’.

The film starts with an order stating that any civilian caught interfering with railroads, bridges, tunnels or trains shall be hanged immediately. Next, enters Farquhar, who was being hauled by Union soldiers as they readied him for his hanging. His loved ones flash in front of him as he closes his eyes to mark the end of his time. As he falls down to the pit of the valley, the rope breaks. The force takes him deep inside the water but he manages to set himself free. He rises up to the surface and looks around. Having a near death experience, he now looks at the world in a new perspective. His celebration of being alive is interrupted by the Union soldiers firing their guns at him as they try to fulfil their orders by ending his life. He manages to run and finally be at peace in the never-ending forest as he is startled by a cannon that makes him run for his life. The film then turns into an exciting sequence of Farquhar trying to escape his decided fate. With a lot of struggle as he was being chased, Farquhar manages to make it to the confines of his house. And as he runs into the loving embrace of his beloved wife, he goes still and his head snaps back. What one thinks would be a happy ending turns to a devastating end in the span of a second.

It went ‘snap’. And he never came back.


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