Perception of Time

Time is a constant, it continues to tick and go by no matter who, what or where you are. Time can seem to go fast or slow to individuals but it is a constant. The fast or slow pace feeling is psychological – mostly depending on your mood and surroundings. Time goes slowly when you’re at school or work when you don’t want to be there. Time goes quickly when you’re out having fun and going to places. And sometimes, when you’re in a dark place – you wish time would pick up the pace and mend you rapidly and you’ll be up on your feet once more.Time is the same for everyone, yet different as well. And this is what’s fascinating and what makes me intrigued by the concept of time.

Below, are three images that I used to capture and explain the concept of time. Even though time is universal concept, every person perceives it differently. This is how I perceive time!

Time consumes us. With time, habits turn into addiction and consume you. You keep moving forward with time, and you cannot go back in time to mend something that has already been damaged. I see time as a deadline, you keep whiling it away and you reach a point where you have none left.

840e833b-f578-4fe1-bf43-701fb792e64c.jpg“Time perception matters because it is the experience of time that roots us in our mental reality.”
Contrary to the phenomena that time stops for no one, and  you can’t travel in time.  I believe its possible to stop time in one’s mind. We will never have downright control over this extraordinary dimension. The truth will surface eventually  and confuse and baffle and entertain however much we find out about its abilities. However, the more we take in, the more we can shape it to our will and predetermination. We can back it off or speed it up. We can clutch the past all the more safely and anticipate the future all the more precisely. Mental time-travel is one of the the greatest gifts of mind. It makes us human, and it makes us uncommon.

Time heals everything.
Time is a continuous phenomena that stops for no one. As time passes, things that surround you keep changing. I believe time heals every thing, one may realize it or not. Things always keeps getting better with time. you move with time, you grow with time, you heal with time. All you need is hope, and the right attitude to deal with this fast world that runs on and around time.

I personally relate to this because I met with an accident that made a huge impact on my life. However, because of my courage and with the attitude of ‘it will heal with time’, I managed to overcome it with ease and in a very less time than expected. And to be very honest, I am very proud of myself for that 🙂
Here’s an image of MY healing process over ‘time’.
New Image


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