6:00 AM

Every morning at 6:00 am the endless beeps of the alarm wake me up and make me want to travel back in time and make every second pass by slowly. It seems the night is shorter than day and according to me time passes faster at night than in the day time when I am usually occupied with work.


Books always take a person to a world of imagination. While I read a book I usually become so engrossed into it that time seems very neutral to me. It passes by in an easy pace. While reading a novel I don’t keep a track of the time. Consiously my mind might be present in that very moment but subconsciously my mind might either picturise an event in the past, present or future but while reading and learning a particularly book for an exam , the time rather passes very fast and that time I feel “time is less and lot more to do”. 


The smell of the soil, the green hue of the fresh leaves and the coolness of the mighty mountains always had and always will have an intoxicating effect over me. Every moment

in nature freezes and my mind dirfts into a space of enternity. Hence, time becomes timeless and moments become memories when I am around the natures beauty. 100_0533.JPG


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