Time and perception


What is time? When you’re having fun, time flies, but when you’re disinterested, time moves like molasses. Do animals experience time like we do? How about time travel? Is it possible? What did Einstein figure out about time?

These questions often storm our minds when we think about time.

‘Time’ is a continuous sequence in which events succeed, separating the past from the present and future. Everyone experiences time differently.

Time is a paradox. It exists by nature but in clocks made by man. It is an agreed upon construct as well as a natural phenomenon. It is something that cannot be retained but only used. Time is precious and priceless.


Caught up in a web of time there’s no way out. Everything we create comes with a lifespan. Inspite of that, spiders put in their effort and time to construct fine, impeccable cobwebs which mostly witness an untimely death. Regardless of the destruction they never give up. This persistent little creature impels me to push my limits further. It makes me want to be an architect of happiness; one who creates external spaces to influence inner harmony.
The fleeting landscape carries me back to the time when I experienced the most righteous sense of belonging. The sunlight hovering for hours disappeared into the night when my mind drifted off in a time far removed from the present. As I looked on I felt transported into the past. I could sense the soft breeze brushing against my skin gently, gigantic trees unfurling it’s leaves while the water trickled down making the soil damp. I wondered how a sight so sublime could leave a mark on my memory for a lifetime.
Time literally flies here. When I look down the squarish window I wonder how technological advancement is transforming the world everyday. We can fly within minutes to meet our dear ones. The world around us keeps shrinking as our horizons expand. An airplane being a classic example of progress that man has made with passing time. Time here could trot hard if we are impatient to reach the destination. Time could seize at the sight breathtaking view of the Earth through the misty clouds. But before you can get enough of it, you realise that you’ve reached the destination.

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