Space. Time. Einstein.

As discussed in our first Time Seminar class, we came across the relation between space and time. I could only define time with respect to the space around me through memories, emotions and feelings. A more technical take on the connection between space and time was given by Prof. Einstein in 1905.

The Theory of Relativity is one of the most widely known and studied theories on the concepts of space and time.  The General Theory of Relativity suggests that “the laws of physics remain the same for all non-accelerating observers”, the theory also suggested that the speed of light in vacuum remains the same ignorant of the speed of the observer.

This theory works with two basic principles. The first states that in the presence of two objects its is difficult to tell which one is moving and which one is standing still. An example for this could be a plane. To the pilot sitting inside the plane, the plane seems as though he is not moving. On the other hand for a person watching from a building the plane is moving. This is why we don’t realize the movement of the Earth. We feel no acceleration. However if seen from space, the Earth is constantly moving with respect to the Sun, which then seems stationary. The second principle states that the speed of light for all observers is the same.

The following video is what I found to be a great explanation of the theory of relativity! Click here to watch the video!



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