An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge

“An occurrence at Owl creek bridge” is a short story by Ambrose Bierce. During the Civil War, a southern Civilian, Peyton Farquhar ,who was standing on a rail road bridge was about to be hanged.

His wrists were bound behind his back, both his legs were tied together and around his neck was a noose that was tied to a beam overhead. The sounds that were there in the background were that of the birds and the military orders. While the man awaits the signal from the captain, his thoughts begin to drift to his family, and even to the possibility of escape. He looks down into the water and imagines as if he fell into the water. He pictures himself freeing his hands, removing the noose and swimming to freedom and his home. In just a few minutes he managed to reach the shore , run through the forest and finally reach the gate to his home. He then see’s his wife smiling at him, but, as he is about to grasp her he feels a powerful blow against the back of his neck. Bright white light turns to complete darkness. Farquhar was dead and his body hung beneath Owl Creek Bridge.

So here it depicts how time changes for him according to his thoughts and wishes. How time was slow and fast for him. Peyton Farquhar even had a sense of hope. Even while standing on the plank, he hopes for a better life, hopes that he could escape.


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