Cleo from 5 to 7

The film tells the story of a singer known as Cleo.  She is portrayed as a beautiful woman with some amount of ego and self-obsession. The story revolves around her time waiting for her cancer detection results to come. It can be assumed that she is a very superstitious woman due to her consulting a physic and her constant bickering about omens. Through the course of the film, she realizes that her beauty and her fame are to come to an end at some point of time.

The film depicts the entire period in real time and yet throughout the two hours the time seems to slow down at quite and calm moments, as well as run fast at Cleo’s intense moments. The division of the film into chapters depicts the partitions Cleo made in her life to reach a rather unconventional result in her life. Her worries mapping entire two hours of the film comes as a rather unusual situation in respect to her doctor, who brushes off cancer as a common thing and assures her that two months of Chemotherapy will set everything right.

The most impressing thing about Cleo was her transmission from a self-obsessed personality to a more accepting and embracing nature over the course of the movie, which is evident from her act of discarding her wig. It can be safe to assume that Cleo believes that her beauty is an indication of time and that she will live as long as she is beautiful .


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