Personal relation with Time

Time taken for granted and mourned when lost. 

Time and Space are woven together. When I think about time, I always think of it in a physical space whether it’s in past, present or future. According to me, time is an experience. You capture memories and moments in time. Time often makes me regret things. Time to me is like a boundary, a deadline. A constant reminder that I’m running out of time in life, or rather running towards the finish line of life.
There’s so much to do and so much to say and every time i take a nap I feel like time slips by taking away hours from my hand. As i wake up reality bites and I feel guilty about the time i wasted.
Regrets  are hidden behind the months and years that have passed stored in my memory and ticking away.
I often feel that time is moving faster when I am happy and slows down when I am sad. We can see time and hear time but we do not pay attention. I believe everything heals with time, that time’s whats needed to change things or for things to happen.
I also believe that time changes a person and person’s behavior towards people or situations. I take for things granted until mortality is in question.


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