Cleo 5 to 7

Another movie that talk about time and perceives time in a different way. 

Cleo a self obsessed women, who believes death is going to come to her very soon due to abdominal pain. She had been waiting for her test results. This time of waiting was moving very slow. 

2 hours before getting her results she meets her boyfriend, her composer, moves around the city of paris, meets her model friend and her mate and encounters a soldier who is going to go for war next day. 

For her in these 2 hours slow down. She is so eagerly waiting for her results that time slows down. She try’s to find meaning to her life. She try to look at thing in a different way. But this time in between gives her a new perspective in life. She starts looking at thing different. In this movie time has introduced here to new ways to look at things.


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