Time for us

Time is a conduit for events and occurrences. Time controls everything. Time is like a river; continuous and graceful. So flowing along with time is one of the best things man could do to live a better life. But just as the river changes its course and enters a path of huge rocks and thorny plants, time sometimes takes a turn for more inconvenient incidents in the life of man.

Nevertheless, this undesirable   path of time is what we call life. For time beats down those who try to go against it. But others, who survive, are the ones who relive their lost time, by sacrificing their current ones. As they say ‘Nothing is true, everything is permitted’. For nothing is true means, time relieves everything of its misery and nothing is going to last forever. To say ‘everything is permitted’ means that man is the architect of his own actions. And he is responsible for whatsoever he does. Whether he chooses to accept the essence of time or chooses to ignore it, time judges him by his actions and delivers a fitting result to him.

Time in real life is too powerful to be controlled, slowed down, manipulated or stopped in any way. So it’s safe to say that everything is slave to time.  Humans and other living beings depend on time to manage their lives and their activities so as to be the ones flowing along with it. It is beautiful to see how different situations forces human being to perceive the passage of time differently. For example, at times of excitement and worries, the time is perceived to have slowed down, while during events of fear and anxiousness.

Nevertheless, time is one of the things humans have managed to advance and develop on large scale during the years. Naturally, the concept of time is as crucial to us as is air and water.


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