12 Sunflowers in a Vase


12 Sunflowers in a Vase

By Vincent Van Gogh

This masterpiece by Vincent Van Gogh shows a white and yellow jar containing 12 sunflowers. I believe that this painting alludes perfectly to the concept of time.  The 12 sunflowers in varying degrees of wilting and death, depicting various stages in the life of any inanimate objects, and nothing can signify the passing of time better than the cycle of life. The varying angles of the sunflowers could also depict motion of a single persona through time. In this case, we can look at the vase as the universe, containing objects that may or may not be conscious of the passing of time, and the yellow and white background could be seen as time, a constant that will always remain and continue to exist regardless of whether or not the universe or we exist. The simplicity of this painting also shows how simple the concept of time really is, and yet how we delve further and deeper to create something complex from something that does not need to be understood, only felt.


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