Cléo from 5 to 7

Agnes Varda’s “Cleo from 5 to 7” is 90 minutes long, but it’s clock seems to tick along with Cleo’s. The film starts with a young pop singer named Cléo who has experienced fame and is quite rich. She is at her tarot card reader’s  work space. The tarot card reader asked her to pick up some cards and then looking at the cards she could tell Cléo about her past, present and future. It turns out that the tarot card reader found out in one of her cards that Cléo has cancer and she is going to die, although she didn’t directly say this to Cléo but hinted her well about it. Coincidently Cléo’s health reports were going to come in about two hours time on the same day.

Cléo was disheartened and scared, she was nervous and depressed at the same time. All she could now think about is death. Cléo’s maid accompinied her for the rest of the day. They were wandering around the city when they passed by a hat shop. There Cléo tried on different hat’s but she chose one in particular – a black fur hat. What’s strange here is that it was summer that time and so this symbolised that Cléo was preparing her self for the storm which for her was Death.

Cléo and her maid then caught a cab and went back to her apartment. Now Cléo’s apartment was just like the way all superficial pop heroine’s houses used to be at that time – a piano, a bed, two tussling kittens, swings and a lot of empty space.  Cléo now goes to bed and awaits for her lover to come and visit her. a piano, a bed, two tussling kittens and a lot of empty space’s lover is a business man and so he does not have much time for her and this is why probably she did not tell him about how sick she was. He came and met her for about five minutes and left. She is then visited by her composers – two young men who are very playful in nature and seem to be always upto something. They try to cheer her up.There is a short musical that follows.

Cléo then removes her wig and goes to meet a log lost friend. Her friend is also a model and for part time jobs she poses nude in front of artists and sculpturers so that they can paint/model her. After that Cléo and her friend go to watch a short film and meet Cléo’s friend’s lover. She then encounters a young soldier and spends the rest of the day with him. They go for a walk, travel on buses and talk to eachother alot. Almost like an external affair. They talk about everything except for Cléo’s health issue. The film ends when Cléo finally meets her doctor and get’s her results.

Time for Cléo went very slow. So much happened in just two hours it almost seemed like an entire day for her. The wait from 5 to 7 was almost like a mental torture to her. She went through so many different emotions, situations, thoughts, moods etc. It made her realize so many things and it even made her priorities people in her life. They were probably the two most crutial and life changing hours in her life. For those two particular hours she saw and thought of things differently and thta’s what the beauty of being close death is, it makes you see things in a different perspective all together. This also shows us that time is different for everyone. When we are sad, anxious or nervous, for us time tends to slow down and when we are too engrossed in some work time passes by faster. This theory is called Time Dilation.


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