Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh

Starry night is a painting composed by Vincent van Gogh. The painting talks a lot about time. Looking at the strokes of the painting one could tell that this painting is from the post Impressionism era. The moon in this painting is depicts the day of the moon cycle.

Power it is said that whist painting this painting Van Gogh was not look at the sky. 

In this painting the way the waves are done, the way the stars are shown and the entire painting as whole talks a lot about the state of mind of the painter. This painting was derived during Van Gogh’s stay at an asylum. 

Also the colours used for the sky portray that the sun is soon going to ben to rise. At the bottom right of the painting there is a village. Looking at the painting it looks like the sky in  a constant motion but the residents are calm.starry nights.jpg


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