An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Time doesn’t always seem to move at the same pace. When you’re eagerly waiting for something to happen, time can move soo slowly. But when you’re waiting for something to not happen, time simply seems to disappear. Just like in real life, time is very fluid in this story. At certain points, time races along at dizzying speeds, but at others, it crawls along at a snail’s pace.
Similarly for the man in the movie who was going to be hanged time passed very slowly. He imagined escaping from the trial and meeting his wife. While he was being hanged he shuts his eyes and imagines that the rope breaks while he falls into the water and he escapes. After he escapes, he runs as fast as he can to meet his wife and go back home. Though his imagination allows him to temporarily escape the highly regimented time set by the soldiers, his body never breaks free. In real life when you are eagerly waiting for something time slows down, but here when the man is imagining the time actually increases because the time that he takes to reach his house is very less ,so that also shows its an illusion and not real. When certain things are happening, time races along quickly, and in others, time moves in slow motion.


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