Cléo from 5 to 7

This movie shows us Cléo, a French singer, who is afraid of getting the result of a test from her doctor. She believes that she had cancer and will die of the disease. She was to get her results that day at 18:30h. The two hours from 17:00 to 19:00 were the longest days of the year in her life.While waiting for the results Cléo visits a fortune teller who predicts stomach cancer. After she leaves from the fortune tellers place she drinks coffee and buys a new hat with her housekeeper. After this she meets her boyfriend in a room full of cats and swings, then her composer in the same place. After working for the composer, she puts on a black dress and removes her wig and tries to see things from a different perspective, learning much from her friend who poses nude for sculptors, at the end of the day she meets and has a brief affair with a military man. Finally, she meets her doctor who gives her his diagnosis. Time for her crawled along at a very slow

Time for her crawled along at a very slow pace .Two hours seemed like 2 days . The fear of dying had made time pass very slowly for her .This belief also affects how she approaches the day , from her encounters with her friends and what she observes in the strangers around her.


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