Portrait of a man in red chalk

Portrait of man in red chalk in red chalk is an outstanding piece of art by Leonardo da Vinci. It is believed to be the self portrait of Leonardo by many scholars and historians. On the other hand others completely deny that its the master himself and believe it to be the father or uncle of Leonardo. It is very interesting to observe the conflict in opinions about this image as the conflict is due to the age of the man in the portrait. It can be observed that the man in this picture is certainly in his mid eighties due to the fact that face is too wrinkly with forehead and the nose drooping downwards, the portion below the nose slightly pushed in , indicating the loss of his front teeth. All these factors are witnesses to the passage of time. I assume that for the man in this picture, its probably going downwards i.e towards death. Leonardo or not , this painting , I believe is a severe indicator as well as a warning about the passage of time.


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