An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge- A Review

This movie begins with the procedures of the execution of a prisoner at a bridge. A few minutes into the movie the prisoner frees himself by diving into the creek. Shots capturing insects, branches, the sky, etc. follow the opening scene. As the police finds out, gunshots are fired at him followed by a desperate attempt to get away. As he runs further away from the gunshots, the movie traces certain moments of the prisoner’s life such as his wife’s face, their home. As he approaches his wife, a gunshot is fired at him, in this instant the scene shifts back to the venue of the hanging to end in the death of the prisoner. One realises that the escape, and all the other scenes in the film were mere thoughts and memories that flashed across the prisoner’s mind seconds before he died. An exceptional work of art, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge represents time as a relative concept based on perspective and situation. Moreover, it may bring about the suspicion of time as an illusion of endless possibilities that may arrive at the time of death. Death, in the film, being definitive; inescapable.


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