Cleo from 5 to 7- A Review

This film opens with tarot cards, introducing the antagonist- death. The idea of death haunts Cleo (protagonist) throughout the course of this film. As Cleo sees her life coming to an end, she experiences a series of negative emotional outbursts such as anger, sorrow and depression. As the camera travels with Cleo through a period of 2 hours, it captures different parts of her day including the people that surround her and their reactions to her new-found condition- cancer. Cleo is sure about her death however, the degree of her illness is unknown. And her medical report- yet to be collected. In attempts to console herself, Cleo finds happiness in her beauty and youth. Which play an important part in the course of one’s life. Beauty directly relates to age which in turn is a factor of time.

Time throughout the film can be seen through emotion, change in Cleo’s dresses, and activities. As the movie comes to an end, Cleo’s emotion transforms into indifference. She is content, but also a little anxious. In a short confrontation with her doctor (long awaited) that lasts for less than a minute, Cleo is assured that her illness is not sever and that it can be cured within a few months. This brief moment disperses the entire emotion that exists throughout the movie. The antagonist being just a fragment of Cleo’s imagination and anxiety.



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