Review on “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”

oaocb2“An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” the twilight zone season 5 episode 142 directed by Robert Enrico was screened first on american television in 1964. It is based on a short story book “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” by  Ambrose Bierce.

During the American Civil War, Union troops are about to hang a man from the Owl Creek bridge. As he goes over the plank with the rope around his neck the rope breaks and he free falls into the river and manages to unbind his hands and feet underwater. As he swims downstream, he has images of home, his lovely wife and children. He also hears the sound of the nature. He also manages to evade the troops who are trying to stop him. Just as he stands at the gates of his home, he runs toward his wife as she walks toward him, smiling and weeping.Just when both are about to fall into each other’s arms, the man suddenly stiffens and his head snaps back. The scene cuts back to his body hanging from the bridge and at that moment his escape revealed to be fantasy experienced in the moment of the drop.

The ending scenes of this episode leaves the audience with goosebumps and a surprised expression. The whole episode is extremely well plotted keeping the audiences mind curious. It shows how a man who is about to get hanged, travels back in time as his mind projects memories of his loved ones. He fantasies about his escape and the time period for him at that moment becomes longer. For him the time period at that moment seemed like hours but in reality he was just a few seconds away from getting hanged. And finally when he was hanged his true circumstances were revealed. Therefore, one can evidently conclude that time being a very crucial aspect of this short film , is very personal in nature.


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