Agnes Varda’s ‘Cléo 5 to 7’ is the story of a young singer as she awaits the diagnosis of a medical examination. The movie starts with a tarot card reader predicting the events of Cléo’s future from her cards. The cards show images  that suggest a near death or a tragedy and Cléo immediately assumes the worst as she trudges down the streets of Paris. This movie is an account of one and a half hour of Cléo’s life as she waits for the doctor to give bad news about her health. The city is shown in a new light at Cléo goes to places she wouldn’t have before trying to figure her place in the world.

One particular scene shows Cléo at a cafe as she puts on one of her songs to see the people react to it. It shows her state of mind as she tries to determine whether she mattered to the world or not. The film shows the city from the point of view of a woman who thinks she is aprroaching death. She sees everything and hears everything. It is as if she is trying to soak in everything around her before she perishes.

At the end, the doctor passes by in his car, informing Cléo of her illness. He advises her to start her treatment on the next available date and leaves. The movie takes a whole tuen here as the doctor calmly states the result of the tests Cléo had been dreading all evening. It is funny how something she was anticipating throughout the movie ends in just a second.


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