Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

eternal sunshine picture

This movie is about a couple named Joel and Clementine. The story  begins where Joel and Clem were in a relationship.

One day suddenly, Clem doesn’t respond to Joel. She acted like he was a complete stranger. Joel got worried and asked one of  Clem’s friends about her weird behaviour. This is when he comes to know that Clementine had undergone through a clinical process where she had erased  Joel and all his memories,  because their relationship had lost it’s spark and it wasn’t going anywhere. Joel gets very frustrated when he comes to know about it and decided to erase Clementine from his memory. He reaches the clinic and gets himself an appointment.  The procedure was that each of  his memories would flash in front of him and  Clementine would get erased from it along with the memory. The doctor starts with he process but in the middle of the process Joel realises how much Clementine means to him and he did not want to erase her from his memory. So, he goes into his memory  backwards

in time and starts smuggling her away into parts of his memory where she doesn’t belong so that she doesn’t get erased.  

He kept on doing that so  that the doctors can’t track Clementine in his memory. Joel and Clem  talked about their differences and then worked out their relationship. 


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