An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge


An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge 

Ambrose Bierce

The movie is about a man who is about to be hanged by the army. The scene revolves with the man on the bridge standing with his hands tied behind his back, his wrists bound by wire and a rope enclosed his neck. Next to him, is a chief officer who is giving the orders and he is surrounded by many other soldiers armed with big guns. They are all on a bridge below which    a river is flowing swiftly. 

The man was about to be hanged. The chief officer stood on one side on a plank while the man stood on the other end, so as soon as the officer would step down the man would fall off the bridge, get hung and then fall into the river. The arrangement was ready. The officer stood on the end of the plank. 1, 2, 3 a soldier fired a shot and the officer stepped down from the plank and the man went straight down into the river. But, luckily while he was in the river, after too much struggle he managed to untie his hand. The soldiers saw this and continuously fired shots at him. But, he was swimming so fast that it was difficult to take a shot at him. They brought a huge cannon and fired at him to but

 missed him. He swam till he got away from the troops. He reached the shore. He was exhausted but elated that he escaped from the soldiers. Shots still fired around him but he managed to escape from it. While he swam for his life, all the memories about his wife and children kept flashing into his mind. He was about to die, so each and every moment of his life slowed down. It was like watching all his happy memories about his family is slow-motion. He never thought he would be able to see them again, and here he was running towards them, free from the soldiers. He kept on running. It was like he was already dead. He was exhausted terribly, he just wanted to lie down and rest. He heard loud noises of cannon being shot behind him. He keeps on running, falling, dragging himself on the ground but manages to reach his house to his wife. Just when he is about to go close to her, to embrace her, he feels a strong blow on his head, a white light flashes and everything blanks out. The man is dead.

When death falls upon a person, all the people, memories the person has experienced in his life just project in front of him like a movie. The person imagines what he would go if he doesn’t die and still has time to live. Time pauses for sometime before it completely stops. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can ever steal. The man’s heart impounding and praying for hope to just say alive but even in those few moments he has, he can’t stop thinking about the one he loved.


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