An Occurrence at owl Creek Bridge.

The movie talks about a civilian who is about to be hanged and he is standing on a railroad bridge. His wrists are tied behind his back and his neck is tied to a beam. Two soldiers and a captain surround him immediately and are waiting for his execution.

During his last few moments he shuts his eyes and goes back into the memory and thinks about his wife and children. But the reality of the situation is much more grim. His overindulgence of fantasy in both his image of himself and his reimagining of his fate ultimately undoes him. He cannot realize his desire in the real world, and at the end of his life, he is prey to the same delusions and misinterpretations that led him to the gallows to begin with.

The time he spends thinking of his memory is much more longer then the time he actually spends on the bridge. So the cinema lets us to manipulate time.


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