Cleo 5 to 7


The story revolves around a singer who is really proud of her beauty. She wasn’t famous yet but she had sung a few songs. She visits a taro card reader and find out that she has cancer. She thought she did not have much time to live. She gets quite tensed about it and visits her friends but doesn’t get the support she needs. She is travelling around in the town, she wanders into a deserted area of a park and encounters the young soldier Antoine. They walked around for sometime and started talking. Both of them like each others company. They both decide to go to the doctors clinic together to get the reports.

They reached the clinic, but the doctor had already left. Cleo was really upset because these 2 hours were really hard for her to pass. They are walking away from the clinic, when suddenly the doctors car stops by and tells Cleo that a two month session of chemotherapy would make her fine. Antoine and Cleo just stood there shocked. They had been tensed throughout and the doctor just casually came by and said she’ll be fine.

Time had slowed down for Cleo from the time she came to know about her cancer. She though she did not have time and she was going to die. She was scared and tensed about her results and the doctor without any tense just tells her that she’ll be fine in a couple of months.


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