My Reflections

Time is something that we humans consider as own property. It is something we practically can not live without. We have based our entire life on it, and push ourselves in organise with our life with respect to Time. But we take Time is like our support system. Today we depend on Time to heal our tiniest wounds. We use Time to think.

It makes me feel like I am running on a rotating wheel. This running makes me feel tired, stress, but I can rest. Even I stop running, the wheel is going to take me ahead, at the same time will allow me to live in my illusion of being motionless.

Time help me create and archive for my self. Because when Time is in motion, I can create memories for myself.

I personally associate Time a lot with the suns movement. Everything that is around the sun is associated with Time. The entire concept of time has been derived from the sun. And it is interesting something so far from us and something that look very small to the human eye, can get into the roots of our lives.


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