SPACES (flip book)

step 1: Class one briefed us on selecting a part of your body and clicking pictures in different backgrounds.  So, I selected my back as my body part.



Step 2:

Step two involved painting up with another person in your class and developing a story with the clicked pictures.

So my partner Mrudula K. and I wished to work on fantasy as the theme. While playing around with back and fingers. We came up with a story in which back is in a treasure box, unaware of what’s happening outside the box. Fingers unlock the box. The back sees a white light entering the box. Curiosity leads her way outside the box. She keeps switching worlds with the focus of finding the white light and finally when she reaches the maze world and is trying to move out. She finds the white light. Which actually is her trap to death.

Step 3:

We started working on our story with the existing images. We have worked with the idea of 2D and realism.We decided that we will make a flip to show this story.



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