The understanding of time

After going past 7 weeks of  time seminar and time studio, a better understanding of time has developed in my  mind. time as an intangible entity is the marker and measure of the existence and destruction of things. In these courses we  realized that time something that can be manipulated by different forms of art and in innumerable ways.As in some cases, the passage of time is shown to be intense and stressed, whereas in others its represented as blissfully long and  desirably suitable. We realized how time is  related to human emotions and feelings, and how the passage of time leads to enormous changes in the human nature. Human nature by itself is so depended on the passage of time that the changes that take place are a result of adapting to the time that has arrived after the passage of the one they had adapted to before. Its fascinating to see how time makes its self be respected and followed to such a great extend that every action and every reaction depends upon the passage of time. Even in forms of art like films and documentaries, every move, every part and every sequence relies on time for its perfect execution. So time as a moderator, a  refiner of ideas, the marker of history, the crusher of things and the seed of life is what carries in its embrace, from the day we are born to the day we turn to dust.


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