Time – 1st assignment

Time is a measurable period during which an event, prosess or condition exists.

The events that have taken place in the image will naturally evoke a different feeling for me than it will for the viewer looking in from the outside. The individual viewer’s feelings are based on his or her own experiences through the times in their lives and the places they have been. This place is a space where events have taken place so we can say that Time and Space are related to each other.

Time is like an hourglass of sand, we cannot really go back in time to relive the happy moments or turn things around because the sands of time continues to fall and we cannot turn the hourglass over.

We flow with time but somewhere we stop but time dosen’t. So ‘NOW’ is the right time to fix everything rather than go to the grave with

Time and Space
Now or Never!
Neither it waits for anyone nor it comes back!

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