Time and Spaces

In project 1, we were asked to listen to the songs he played, and draw images that came to our minds. From these images, we had to derive a memory and enlarge it onto a 6 by 4 inch rectangle.

While working on my postcards, I realized how elusive time can be. The person that I once was is very different from who I am now. Time moves in leaps and bounds, only slowing down for important experiences that get imprinted in our mind. At times, it is not a memory that is imprinted, but an emotion. We can conclude that while time is isolated and universal, our experiences make it unique to us and give it emotional depth.

For time studio project 2, my partner and I decided to work on a flipbook that follows the protagonist moving through different spaces as she tries to reach her destination. A flip book is one of the best methods of showing time and motion in relation to each other.

During the creation of this project, I realized that time can be looked at as something that is tangible if we look at it through the lens of space and exploration, i.e. journeys. Every journey depicts the passage of time, and time cannot be depicted without having some form of a journey. In this case, the journey can not only mean a physical voyage, but could also mean an emotional journey, such as a struggle.

I also understood that time can pass differently in different media. While the flip book was over within seconds, the stop-motion video we made from the images took about one and a half minute. Moreover, reel time can be very different as compared to real time. The protagonist underwent her journey over a long period of time before finally reaching the destination, but the real time it took to depict this journey was much shorter.



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