Time – Final

Time for me before 7 weeks from now meant just a unit. To be precise it meant the number of hours, minutes and seconds in a day. But as we went in detail about understanding time I Realised that time is not only a very wide concept to study but also a very confusing one. It has all kinds of study in it scientific, phycological, emotional, physical etc. I personally feel that to know time and to study it in detail it would a man his entire lifetime. What’s interesting about this project of time is it made me unconsciously realise that time is actually a good organiser for my life. In the past, I subconsciously organised all Good/Bad memories in my head on the basis of time. Even If I look at my present, the daily things I do are all according to time for example:  When I go for a bath, Eat my Lunch/Dinner, Sit to study, Have some alone time all of this planned out in the day at some particular time. In fact, if I actually think of it Time organises my future life also. What I am going to do tomorrow in my head I will set a particular time for it. For eg: If my room is in a mess, in my head  I will tell myself, tomorrow first thing in the morning I will clean this mess up. To put it in a nutshell what I think of time is that it organises my entire life and I use it to plan out each and every day of my life.


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