Time Summary

When we started out this project of understanding time I had a very generalised and rough idea of time. To be very honest time was just a unit for me. But as we progressed each week in our classes of Time Studio and Seminar I learnt more and more about time and it’s study. Time is actually a really deep concept to understand if one looks at it carefully. It is also very dynamic for example : When we first started learning about time we were introduced to a very scientifical side of it, How we measure time through speed, distance etc.? and as we progressed I unconsciously started to see the phycological side of time too. When we first started our group time project I didn’t know much about my colleagues but as time passed by (7 weeks) I learnt so much about them and their strengths and weaknesses. Time has definitely changed my thinking too – what I initially thought of time and what I think of it as now is way more mature. To conclude, I feel that Time as a concept is very dynamic in nature and changes according to an individual’s perception towards it. But I also learnt that Time is a great teacher who teaches us to value life and the people in it.


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