Time through project ‘Unspoken’

In the first 8 weeks of class we studied the various perspectives on time. Time being physical, relative, in relation to change, through perspective, through color and in history. Through my second project ‘Unspoken’ my partner and I decided to look at time at both the physical, and the emotional level. We dealt with physical time through contrast, lightness and expression in our photographs. The final installation consisted of several photographs of different sizes. We explored time emotionally through the concept of a breakthrough touching upon how time plays a part in the process of healing and repairing one’s self.

Shadows, light and darkness are used as metaphors to imply a gradual change in time. This progression is represented as the pictures are very dark in the beginning and lighter as they move upwards. We also decided on using black and white pictures which were arranged close together, to create a single visual.

The arrangement of these photographs also determine the interaction of time with the viewer, for example; the spacing between two images will determine the time taken for the viewer to engage with the story. As the pictures move further apart indicating liberation and peace with one’s self, slower progression is felt in time.

Hence, time is not only represented in the artwork itself, but also in the form that it takes, its surrounding environment and by a number of strong stimuli that help invoke thought and memories within the viewer.


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