Understanding time

Each person relates with time in his/her own unique way. Through the course, I have not only looked at the theoretical or scientific aspect of time. I have tried to look at time with the context of people, memory, situations and experiences. None of these can exist independently without the interplay of time. All these, together form a person’s perception of time.The postcard assignment makes us think of time in relation to all of the above.  My memories, past experiences and people make up the postcards.

Through my project ‘Ulta Pulta’, my partner an I have attempted to express how people may perceive things differently at the same time, in the same situation. The project is an example of how a person’s perception of time is linked to their frame of mind.  In the context of the project, the back understands time to be perilous whereas the legs perceive it in the usual sense. One’s perception of time directly or indirectly affects one’s ability to stay calm, to assess a situation, and to make decisions. Time also changes the way an individual acts or reacts to a thing. The challenge isn’t in classifying time as good or bad. The challenge lies in making the most of the given time in any given circumstances.


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