Film Review: Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

A complicated story which demands the viewer’s complete attention, the aforementioned movie revolves around Joel, a man stuck with a repetitive life until he meets the spontaneous, care-free Clementine. Their relationship soon takes an ugly turn, which is when Clementine decides to completely remove Joel from her memory, and to take revenge Joel decides to remove her from his memory as well. But the funny part here is, that we tend to remember more of the good memories than the bad ones. Joel, in mid-process decides to keep Clementine’s memory after all. He tries to save some of her memories hidden in the corners but the process was adamant. 

During the course of the film, which moves dizzyingly, forward and backward in time shows different aspects of their relationship. The movie shows the constant need of love, attention and companionship that human keeps seeking. 


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