Project 1 : The music we heard while blindfolded took us back in memory to a time and space where we experienced a sense of familiarity. That familiarity came from events that we either experienced in our minds or in reality. The haphazard lines that resulted out of the blindfolded activity was an attempt of reproducing the picture which formed in our heads while we listened to the music. Even the emotions we felt acted liked a catalyst and triggering our memories and taking us back in time. tiny cut out frames of these lines inspired our final postcards. The postcards differed from person to person but they originated from the same song. This shows the relativity of time and how it exists constantly but is felt differently by each individual.

Project 2 : In our project ‘Ulta Pulta’, we did not deal with time in a literal sense. We saw it from the lens of experiences. We magnified the nature of relativity of time, how a minute can be joyful for one person and could be regarded as sad for the other. A particular thing could benefit one person in time by creating loss for the other.  We all percieve time differently. With the use of exaggeration and humour, ‘Ulta Pulta’ portrays extreme views of two characters. One sucks melancholy out of the simplest of things and the other finds a reasons to be happy every time. For eg: The experience of swimming in the ocean could mean leaving oneself for death for one and could mean playing amidst the blue waves on a bright sunny day for the other. The experiences in time make it go fast or slow. Also sometimes we remember a particular frame of time because of the happening that occurred in the past. Its the reminiscence, memory and life experiences, incidents and events  that form a persons good time or bad time. Through Ulta pulta we tried to show how we can change a good time into bad time by being pessimistic. On the contrary we can make a bad situation better by being positive about it.


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