The understanding of time

After going past 7 weeks of  time seminar and time studio, a better understanding of time has developed in my  mind. time as an intangible entity is the marker and measure of the existence and destruction of things. In these courses we  realized that time something that can be manipulated by different forms of art and in innumerable ways.As in some cases, the passage of time is shown to be intense and stressed, whereas in others its represented as blissfully long and  desirably suitable. We realized how time is  related to human emotions and feelings, and how the passage of time leads to enormous changes in the human nature. Human nature by itself is so depended on the passage of time that the changes that take place are a result of adapting to the time that has arrived after the passage of the one they had adapted to before. Its fascinating to see how time makes its self be respected and followed to such a great extend that every action and every reaction depends upon the passage of time. Even in forms of art like films and documentaries, every move, every part and every sequence relies on time for its perfect execution. So time as a moderator, a  refiner of ideas, the marker of history, the crusher of things and the seed of life is what carries in its embrace, from the day we are born to the day we turn to dust.


Portrait of a man in red chalk

Portrait of man in red chalk in red chalk is an outstanding piece of art by Leonardo da Vinci. It is believed to be the self portrait of Leonardo by many scholars and historians. On the other hand others completely deny that its the master himself and believe it to be the father or uncle of Leonardo. It is very interesting to observe the conflict in opinions about this image as the conflict is due to the age of the man in the portrait. It can be observed that the man in this picture is certainly in his mid eighties due to the fact that face is too wrinkly with forehead and the nose drooping downwards, the portion below the nose slightly pushed in , indicating the loss of his front teeth. All these factors are witnesses to the passage of time. I assume that for the man in this picture, its probably going downwards i.e towards death. Leonardo or not , this painting , I believe is a severe indicator as well as a warning about the passage of time.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge is a classic film based on the book ‘An Occurrence at Own Creek Bridge’ by Ambrose Bierce. The film is directed by Robert Enrico. The story talks about a who is to be hung by the neck, by the military. As the rope is tightened around his neck, the man begins to panic. Luckily for him, the rope breaks as he falls and he escapes his fate and returns back to his family. However, as soon he reaches home and embraces his wife, he screams in pain and his neck snaps. The camera then pans back to the bridge where his lifeless body hangs by the rope confirming the visions were a figment of his imagination before the kiss of death.

The concept of time in this film is a little complicated due to the fact that the man floats back in his memories which are blended by the fiction of him breaking free from the noose and returning to his family. The speed of time keeps on fluctuating. The man loses his life within a matter of seconds, though his fantasies run for a comparatively longer time. It is wise to accept that everyone and everything will eventually run out time. With time in control and as a scale, it can neither be changed nor manipulated and any attempt to control it is futile.

Cleo from 5 to 7

The film tells the story of a singer known as Cleo.  She is portrayed as a beautiful woman with some amount of ego and self-obsession. The story revolves around her time waiting for her cancer detection results to come. It can be assumed that she is a very superstitious woman due to her consulting a physic and her constant bickering about omens. Through the course of the film, she realizes that her beauty and her fame are to come to an end at some point of time.

The film depicts the entire period in real time and yet throughout the two hours the time seems to slow down at quite and calm moments, as well as run fast at Cleo’s intense moments. The division of the film into chapters depicts the partitions Cleo made in her life to reach a rather unconventional result in her life. Her worries mapping entire two hours of the film comes as a rather unusual situation in respect to her doctor, who brushes off cancer as a common thing and assures her that two months of Chemotherapy will set everything right.

The most impressing thing about Cleo was her transmission from a self-obsessed personality to a more accepting and embracing nature over the course of the movie, which is evident from her act of discarding her wig. It can be safe to assume that Cleo believes that her beauty is an indication of time and that she will live as long as she is beautiful .


Theoretically time is a unit for the measurement of events of the past, present or the future. Time is a pointer and a record-keeper of the duration of events, incidents etc.

Time is like a wave which flows in a particular direction marking the creation as well as the destruction of living and non living things. Like sound and light waves, time is in a continuous motion. But unlike the electron flow, the wave of time is physically non-existent.

Time is like a living organism without a physical body. The belief that time can be stopped, manipulated or controlled is redundant. The method of going back in time  through the means of memories result in the passing of time in the present.

Time is also a carrier. Like electronic carrier waves which carry photons , time carries living organisms through the various stages of life. Even after the destruction of the living being, time does not stop as it jumps to another living organism derived from the previous being. This is due to the laws of conservation of mass which states that ‘mass can neither be created nor destroyed. It can be converted from one form to another.’

So when the mass changes form, time clings on to it and repeats the same thing it did with the previous living organism.

I believe that time is a sentient being with conscience and a duty to make man seek it and run after it.

The inability to stop, manipulate or control time.
A supposed representation of time as a being despite it being free of mass or matter.
Time marks the creation of a living organism and then acts as a carrier taking it through the different stages of life until its destruction.