Time Summary

When we started out this project of understanding time I had a very generalised and rough idea of time. To be very honest time was just a unit for me. But as we progressed each week in our classes of Time Studio and Seminar I learnt more and more about time and it’s study. Time is actually a really deep concept to understand if one looks at it carefully. It is also very dynamic for example : When we first started learning about time we were introduced to a very scientifical side of it, How we measure time through speed, distance etc.? and as we progressed I unconsciously started to see the phycological side of time too. When we first started our group time project I didn’t know much about my colleagues but as time passed by (7 weeks) I learnt so much about them and their strengths and weaknesses. Time has definitely changed my thinking too – what I initially thought of time and what I think of it as now is way more mature. To conclude, I feel that Time as a concept is very dynamic in nature and changes according to an individual’s perception towards it. But I also learnt that Time is a great teacher who teaches us to value life and the people in it.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The movie is about a man who realises that his girlfriend has undergone a process wherein she erases all the memory that she has of her boyfriend . he tries for years to workout the relationship with her but cannot help it and is frustrated that he decides to get the same process done wherein he also can erase his memory of his girlfriend . but joel realises that he yet loved her and could not erase his memory of her so easily but by then it was too late in the cycle of time he again went back unknowingly where he first found Clementine.

Modern Rome – Campo Vaccino

unnamedBritish artist, J. M. W. Turner’s most celebrated landscape painting the Modern Rome – Campo Vaccino. It was exhibited in 1839 and was pendent, that is a pair to a painting called Ancient Rome. Modern Rome is a memory of Turner’s experience when he was in Rome a decade earlier. The Canvas of the painting had three parts.

He first painted a part of the Campo Vaccino, the “Cow Pasture”, which is what the area was used for in Rome, held the ruins of the ancient world which was one of the three parts of the painting. In the second part of the painting he tried to show how buildings were made out of those ruins and in the last part he shows us how present day people use these painting in their daily life.The painting is a depiction of a living place and an evocation of the past still being used in the present.He was fascinated with the idea and that is conveyed through the extraordinary pallet bright yellows, purples, lavenders. Turner’s atmosphere quality in the painting is extraordinary, he has depicted both the sunlight and the moonlight. This setting of the atmosphere is based on a great poem by Lord Byron called

Turner’s atmosphere quality in the painting is extraordinary, he has depicted both the sunlight and the moonlight. This setting of the atmosphere is based on a great poem by Lord Byron called Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage(1818). The poem’s two lines can set you up for what you are seeing – “The moon is up, and yet it is not night, / The sun as yet divides the day with her.” It is believed that Turner was at his best in skills when he painted the piece of art. His work was made of an inseparable combination of emerging in nature and reverence for the art of the past. He also was extraordinary in experimenting both techniques and materials that he used.

Clearly this painting is in deep relevance to time as it depicts the three different era’s, i.e., the ancient ruins, how buildings were made out of it and how people use it in the present. It also depicts how the past is still being incorporated into the present. The atmosphere also depicts time as both the sunlight and moonlight are shown.

Time and Kineticism

Time is an authentic phenomenon a perpetual change through which we live. Time becomes evident through motion; sunrise, sunsets, night and day, the Transmuting seasons, the motion of the celestial bodies all is indicative of perpetual change. The aging process is a reminder that molecular motion And interactions is withal at work and are a component of the time. An often overlooked, but very paramount aspect of time is that coerces additionally act in time.

When we measure the speed of a car, we seem to be measuring the speed with something abstract called time; we are actually just comparing a known Motion (of the sun) with an unknown motion of the car. Time is a way to compare or describe different kinds of motions like the speed of light or how fast Heart beats. Time may have no independent existence at all, it just appears to be a common unit of motion, making the world that is constantly changing easier to describe.

However, Nearly two and a half thousand years ago, Aristotle contended that, “time is the most unknown of all unknown things”, and arguably not much has changed since then.

With the passage of time, some things turn VINTAGE.
Contrary to time, Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
Time only seems to matter when it’s running out.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Upon a railroad bridge, a man is about to be hanged. His hands are tied behind his back, and a rope around his neck. He stands up on a platform constructed of loose boards. Members of the Army during the Civil War are also present on the bridge. Some are busy doing the preparations and some are guarding the bridge and the area around it. The man about to be hanged, is a civilian. As the soldiers prepare for the excution, the civilian notices all of the life and colors of the nature around him.

All the preparations are done, only a few seconds are left for the order to be given for the hanging. The civilian closes his eyes and thinks about his wife and children. He remembers her smiling and walking towards him and his children (a son and a daughther) swinging and running around with smiles on their face too. This memory gives him a slight shiver. He then comes back to realiy and starts praying to god before the order is given. He is shivering, tears are falling down from his eyes and he it shows that he is really scared of dying, He is just waiting for a miracle to occur.

The order is given and the civilian has lost all hopes and then a miracle happens, the rope around his neck brakes and he falls right into the river below the bridge. He then gets his hopes back and he struggles to untie himself, he comes back to the surface and starts to swim really fast as he has to doudge all the bullets which are being shot at him by the members of the army surrounding the bridge. Lucky enough to dodge the bullets well he now out of the shooting range, but another danger awaits him. There is a deep drop of a waterfall  that he is flowing into and because of the water currents being so strong he couldn’t pull himself out of it. He suprisingly survives the waterfall too and reaches the shore. His luck was unbeliveble and so he gets really happy and dances around near the shore. The firings are still there and so he starts running towards his house, which is a few miles away from the shore. He walks barefoot and all kinds of blisters are there on his foot he stuggles to reach home with a sense of fear in his heart. He then finally reaches home and runs towards his wife who is very happy to see him. With all the struggle he faced to get home, now it seems all worth it as he is finally meeting his loved one. He looks so relieved to finally see her and as they were about to kiss, he falls back to the ground.

It turns out that from the time the rope around his neck brke to the time he met his wife was all an illusion he created in his mind right when the order was given. In his illution when he fell down right when he was about to kiss his wife is when in reality he died. Notice how slow time has passed by for the civilian, it was only a matter of few seconds and so much happened in a few seconds for him in his own mind. It may have seemed a matter of few seconds for the army officers but for the civilian it was even longer than hours. This also shows us that time is different for everyone. When we are sad, anxious or nervous, for us time tends to slow down and when we are too engrossed in some work time passes by faster. This theory is called Time Dilation. This short story written by Sir Ambrose Bierce is a perfect example for the phrase – “Time is not a fixed unit for everyone.”

Cléo from 5 to 7

Agnes Varda’s “Cleo from 5 to 7” is 90 minutes long, but it’s clock seems to tick along with Cleo’s. The film starts with a young pop singer named Cléo who has experienced fame and is quite rich. She is at her tarot card reader’s  work space. The tarot card reader asked her to pick up some cards and then looking at the cards she could tell Cléo about her past, present and future. It turns out that the tarot card reader found out in one of her cards that Cléo has cancer and she is going to die, although she didn’t directly say this to Cléo but hinted her well about it. Coincidently Cléo’s health reports were going to come in about two hours time on the same day.

Cléo was disheartened and scared, she was nervous and depressed at the same time. All she could now think about is death. Cléo’s maid accompinied her for the rest of the day. They were wandering around the city when they passed by a hat shop. There Cléo tried on different hat’s but she chose one in particular – a black fur hat. What’s strange here is that it was summer that time and so this symbolised that Cléo was preparing her self for the storm which for her was Death.

Cléo and her maid then caught a cab and went back to her apartment. Now Cléo’s apartment was just like the way all superficial pop heroine’s houses used to be at that time – a piano, a bed, two tussling kittens, swings and a lot of empty space.  Cléo now goes to bed and awaits for her lover to come and visit her. a piano, a bed, two tussling kittens and a lot of empty space’s lover is a business man and so he does not have much time for her and this is why probably she did not tell him about how sick she was. He came and met her for about five minutes and left. She is then visited by her composers – two young men who are very playful in nature and seem to be always upto something. They try to cheer her up.There is a short musical that follows.

Cléo then removes her wig and goes to meet a log lost friend. Her friend is also a model and for part time jobs she poses nude in front of artists and sculpturers so that they can paint/model her. After that Cléo and her friend go to watch a short film and meet Cléo’s friend’s lover. She then encounters a young soldier and spends the rest of the day with him. They go for a walk, travel on buses and talk to eachother alot. Almost like an external affair. They talk about everything except for Cléo’s health issue. The film ends when Cléo finally meets her doctor and get’s her results.

Time for Cléo went very slow. So much happened in just two hours it almost seemed like an entire day for her. The wait from 5 to 7 was almost like a mental torture to her. She went through so many different emotions, situations, thoughts, moods etc. It made her realize so many things and it even made her priorities people in her life. They were probably the two most crutial and life changing hours in her life. For those two particular hours she saw and thought of things differently and thta’s what the beauty of being close death is, it makes you see things in a different perspective all together. This also shows us that time is different for everyone. When we are sad, anxious or nervous, for us time tends to slow down and when we are too engrossed in some work time passes by faster. This theory is called Time Dilation.

Theory Of Relativity

According to Sir Albert Einstien, there is no such thing as absolute motion or absolute rest. Objects move relative to each other. For example, at a busy crossroad where hundreds of cars are passing by at the same time and everything/everyone around you is in one kind of motion, but you stand still at one particular spot, are you really not at all in motion? No. The earth is constantly in motion. So even if it seems through our naked eye that we are not moving at all, according to science we all are constantly in motion. Therefore, nothing is ever really in absolute rest or absolute motion. This theory in known as Classical Relativity.

For the  most of us time slows down when we are upset or anxiuous, there are times when you feel like 10 minutes seem to be hours. For example when we wait for someone outside the airport , the time of the wait usually feels longer than usual. The same thing happens vice versa. When we are busy doing something or too engrossed in our work we feel time passes by so fast. This is called Time Dilation.

Now let’s understand the concept of Time Travel.Time slows down for objects close to the speed of light, It stops for objects travelling at the speed of light and Time travels backwards for objects which are faster than the speed of light. Till date humans have not created any object faster than the speed of light and because of this we cannot travel back in time.

To understand this concept we have to understand that time is not a fixed unit for everyone.