My Reflections

Time is something that we humans consider as own property. It is something we practically can not live without. We have based our entire life on it, and push ourselves in organise with our life with respect to Time. But we take Time is like our support system. Today we depend on Time to heal our tiniest wounds. We use Time to think.

It makes me feel like I am running on a rotating wheel. This running makes me feel tired, stress, but I can rest. Even I stop running, the wheel is going to take me ahead, at the same time will allow me to live in my illusion of being motionless.

Time help me create and archive for my self. Because when Time is in motion, I can create memories for myself.

I personally associate Time a lot with the suns movement. Everything that is around the sun is associated with Time. The entire concept of time has been derived from the sun. And it is interesting something so far from us and something that look very small to the human eye, can get into the roots of our lives.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The human brain is like the roots of a tree. A series of entangled networks. And due to this complex network, we recall memories that have been instigated from any of your 5 senses. But could we try and erase 1 part of our memory? Or could we cut down the network to that memory?
There are several nerves in our brain, which connect to our memory. In this movie after Clementine erases her memories related to Joel, there were yet some factors that were going back to her memory of Joel but, she wasn’t sure what was it. As it had all gone from her conscious mind, but her subconscious mind still possessed those memories.


Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh

Starry night is a painting composed by Vincent van Gogh. The painting talks a lot about time. Looking at the strokes of the painting one could tell that this painting is from the post Impressionism era. The moon in this painting is depicts the day of the moon cycle.

Power it is said that whist painting this painting Van Gogh was not look at the sky. 

In this painting the way the waves are done, the way the stars are shown and the entire painting as whole talks a lot about the state of mind of the painter. This painting was derived during Van Gogh’s stay at an asylum. 

Also the colours used for the sky portray that the sun is soon going to ben to rise. At the bottom right of the painting there is a village. Looking at the painting it looks like the sky in  a constant motion but the residents are calm.starry nights.jpg

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Walter Benjamin essay “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” talks about how art can be reproduced a multiple time in this age with the aid of technology. 

In this essay Walter states a very interesting point, that  in the world of modernisation a piece of art can be reproduced a million time, so that work of art has to meaning to its authentic or uniqueness. Another intersection mention is “Even the most perfect reproduction of a work of art is lacking in one element: its presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be”. 

When an artist creates an art piece many factors influence his work. His surroundings too. And somewhere an art work made is a particular region and a particular time would covey more meaning than relocating that work by mass production. For example the famous David by Michelangelo created in Florence. If even a copy of the statue was brought to India, the statue would make no sense, as David has an history attached to it and was highly influenced by the time and space it was made in. And in India we would never be able to understand it as our history is completely different to florence. Even if multiple copies are made of the David, yet the original statue has its value and it the essence of time, experience and manual touch to it. 

Also today if a photography of the sun set has been captured and a multiple copies are made of it, the entire value of the 1st picture will loose its value. In todays world reproduction of work is done at such high rate that it has no value. Early a single art piece would take time. A lot of thought process and hand work would go into. 

In conclusion I feel that the pace at with art is reproduced very soon the passion and understanding deep meanings related to an art work is going to fade away.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

An occurrence at owl creek is a short story by Ambrose Bierce. This story talks about a man who has been sentenced to death by an army. 

A man standing on the edge of a wood plank. His wrist tied up behind. In is neck lay a rope tied up to the top of the bridge. On the other side of the plank stood an army official. This life was swinging on a seesaw. Below the bridge was a river. 

Between the swing of life and death, he had the time to dream. This middle time gave him hope. Hope that almost seemed real, but was just an illusion. He believed that when the official step down and he falls deep down into the river, he would somehow manage to untie the knots that tied his hand and legs and swim across the swiftly moving river, run a few miles and reach his home to his love. 

Here time gave this man hope for survival, even though he knew that he is not going get anyway out and his life was going to end in a few minutes.

We believe that “ time heals everything “. We keep hoping that as time passes situation will get better. But does time really heal? Or is it just a way console ourselves because we feel helpless. 

In this story too, the man is helpless and uses the time he had, hoping he gets his last chance of survival.

Cleo 5 to 7

Another movie that talk about time and perceives time in a different way. 

Cleo a self obsessed women, who believes death is going to come to her very soon due to abdominal pain. She had been waiting for her test results. This time of waiting was moving very slow. 

2 hours before getting her results she meets her boyfriend, her composer, moves around the city of Paris, meets her model friend and her mate and encounters a soldier who is going to go to war the next day. 

For her in these 2 hours slow down. She is so eagerly waiting for her results that time slows down. She try’s to find meaning to her life. She try to look at thing in a different way. But this time in between gives her a new perspective in life. She starts looking at thing different. In this movie time has introduced here to new ways to look at things.

Theory of Relativity

The first theory of relativity is Classical relativity. It proposes that objects move relative to each other. The earth, sun and the galaxy are in constant motion and hence all objects move relatively. Time dilation occurs  together with length contraction resulting in the speed of light being constant for all. Einstein combined these two entities in his concept of ‘space-time’. Time travels slowly for objects that move closer to the speed of light and stops completely for those that move at the speed of light. Hence, time should go backwards if one were to travel at a speed greater than light. However, no object can yet travel at the speed of light. As an object starts reaching the speed of light, it increases in mass, thereby requiring greater energy to travel. This explains why we cannot go back in time. Einstein also theorized that objects warped space-time around it, making it curved, which in turn resulted in gravitational attraction between objects. This attribute has been used in many modern day technologies.