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Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind is revolving around Joel Barish and Clementine who love each other. The movie is shown through Joel remembering his sweet memories with clementine, when he goes for erasing his memory with clementine. In the process on erasing memory he realises that he doesn’t wish to do this and tries taking clementine to different parts of his memory. Its beautiful to see that even after the pair erased the memory of each other are still together.

The entire concept of  time and memory in this movie is uncommon and arresting.


SPACES (flip book)

step 1: Class one briefed us on selecting a part of your body and clicking pictures in different backgrounds.  So, I selected my back as my body part.



Step 2:

Step two involved painting up with another person in your class and developing a story with the clicked pictures.

So my partner Mrudula K. and I wished to work on fantasy as the theme. While playing around with back and fingers. We came up with a story in which back is in a treasure box, unaware of what’s happening outside the box. Fingers unlock the box. The back sees a white light entering the box. Curiosity leads her way outside the box. She keeps switching worlds with the focus of finding the white light and finally when she reaches the maze world and is trying to move out. She finds the white light. Which actually is her trap to death.

Step 3:

We started working on our story with the existing images. We have worked with the idea of 2D and realism.We decided that we will make a flip to show this story.



My calendar talks about the recurring imp dates in my life and also some most cherished odd dates which gave memories which will never happen the way they happened.

14th June

12th May

19th Au gust

27th May

1st December

31st December 2015

26th January

5th July 2015

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Personal Time!

Personal Time is an account of all the events that have happened in one’s life. Personal time can also be interpreted as how the individual treats time at a particular moment, period, etc.
Every individual experiences movement which make them wish, if time could stop here, or if they could restart everything or if this could just past by as soon as possible. Is it moment which is more important or the time? Discussing on this would be good as which came first the egg or chicken. Moments create value for time and time creates a mark for the moment. You learn, grow as each moment will have an experience to learn from or to cherish it in memory.
Personal time can talk about recurring important days over years, moments that might or might not happen again but they leave a mark of significance for the rest of your life and also how you take each minute of the day or how you measure time or etc.


Time doesn’t stop for anyone. It is a continuous flow. However, imagine a world not being limited by time. Death does not exist, deadlines do not exist. Would we still value time?
If living did not age or die, we would take our own sweet time to reach our desired goal. Spend uncounted hours doing what we wish to do. The concept of time management would be on a toss.
But, we have a life which shall end someday. We value today because we never know what will happen tomorrow. Henceforth, we try to finish what we want to. Maybe that’s why we stay up all night to finish the last season of our favourite episode or read till our eyes don’t give up. However, even after knowing the reality do we still utilise time efficiently?


An Occurrence At The Owl Creek Bridge.

“An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is a story that moves from the present to the imaginary time and then comes back to present. We can also call present time as military time and imaginary time as Farquhar’s time. Standing on the edge of the bridge Farquhar closes his eyes and the signal of his slipping into his own version of reality which is with his loved ones, Farquhar drifts into a timeless realm. When Farquhar imagines himself slipping into the water he drifts into a transitional space that is neither life nor death but is in a world with its own imaginations. In the brief time between the officer stepping off the plank and Farquhar’s actual death, time slows and alters to accommodate a comforting vision of Farquhar’s safe return to his family. Despite Farquhar’s manipulation of time, however, he cannot escape reality. Whether he lives a few moments or days longer, death ultimately claims him. One of the most remarkable aspects of “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is how time is subjective and it can slow down or just pass quickly according to a man convince.