Time Out



Reflection on Time Seminar

I’ve understood time deeper in terms of relativity to one’s self and the events that happens to one’s self.I’ve always thought of emotions as an integral part to memory,self ,consciousness and identity .I was able to understand clear how memorabilia ,events,sights sounds ,taste smell and touch can change the time and space we exist in .It made me also question the space we exist in as around us and how that space is transitory with respect to memory .It broke down my thinking of time and helped me discover how easy the edges of ‘Reality’ and ‘Relative Reality’ are quite blurred,do not really exist and the space that you exist in is relative to you and is influenced by your emotions ,memory and imagination.I think I haven’t explored time completely yet but have a decent headstart in what seems a world without walls ,without borders .A world that can be really scary.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

I love how time exists relative to one’s self .I liked how the few moments before the man’s life was stretched into a never-ending moment mixed with is panic and the inmate reflex of the human spirit to survive .I think time cannot be without emotions it is as if the relativity of time to oneself is an equation that cannot be without emotion .If the man didn’t have that sense of hope in the light of his imminent death,if he didn’t have that the acid wash of panic that must have swept waves in stomach and that flood of adrenaline took over his imagination his senses and drove him to believe in the possibility of escape ,time wouldn’t have existed like it did for him in those last few moments.